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It’s February!

1. Balenciaga; 2. Alexander Mcqueen; 3. TopShop; 4. Diane von Furstenberg; 5. Miu Miu; 6. YSL; 7. Topshop


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October’s Accessories


1. Alexander McQueen. 2. Kanye West to LV. 3.LV. 4. Givenchy. 5. Vivienne Westwood. 6. Timex

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Alexander Mcqueen – Spring 01


[Vejam o video]



Could a colour be completed? Could a dress doesn’t express everything that it wants to say?  

The room is a glass square and women are coming in. Deaf women; they doesn’t listen what is happening. What is happening with them? Why don’t they have control on themselves? Crazy deaf colours almost fall on the catwalk. Their brains are all the same: confuse, compressed, crazy. The colours presented by Alexander Mcqueen look deficient. Beige, grey, dirty white, black, clear pink, green that can be brown. All the tones aren’t strong enough; it’s missing something. Too different blazer: from the girl that miss her soldier, from the lady that is betrayed or from the depressed mum that everyday leaves her children on the school. They do not have colour on their faces; more white, less healthy.

You know what when someone does not have the five feelings well they improve the other? If a dress/person isn’t completed, it will try to find what is missing. Here, because they are deaf, they are looking for the public; their hands are trying to finger what their ears can’t listen.

More than a runway with basic clothes, the show of Alexander Mcqueen is a representation of insanity, of something that is appealing to be completed. And those models are calling to the opinion of the assistance. The colours are almost death; they don’t have life and the suits are simple and, at the same time, extremely made. Silhouette after silhouette, the pieces are disconnected because we can see a clear pink suit and on the next minute a hat with ships absorbs the square. Alexander took them the earing and the fits don’t have a line of connection. Something is missing; the five feelings aren’t working well and in the end the insanity has to stop. And, so that is: in the last minute all the lines, the colours and the feelings are together and a small glass showcase explode and the music begins.

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